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My five-year-old daughter Maggie seems to have two volume levels outside of our home: "off" and Fran Drescher at a loud bar. It took a while for her to become comfortable talking to people at all, so I've been letting it go when she suddenly has something important to say and starts speaking in ALL CAPS. But at a recent parent meeting at her preschool, the director began introducing everyone to each other. When she got to me, she announced, "This is Michelle, mum to Maggie. I know you have all heard Maggie." Oy. Maybe we do need to work on volume control.


All day, every day, the struggles your kids face are real. And you can bet they will let you know about those said struggles. Maybe they can't figure out a homework problem. Or how to place the correct arm into the correct armhole of a jacket. Or maybe the moat of their LEGO palace does not look like the picture, and therefore it's all wrong, all of it.