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HyperCard, the graphical hyperlinked Mac app that influenced the invention of the Web, was invented by Apple engineer Bill Atkinson after an acid trip 30 years ago this weekend. Now the Internet Archive has brought it back with a collection of over 3000 hypercard "stacks" that you can explore right in your browser. Each stack opens inside the Archive's emulator of an early Macintosh computer.


If you want to reminisce about the days when all your tech info came from monthly magazines, you have two options. One, you can track down a dusty collection of, say, CU Amiga mags, perhaps in your own (or a friend's) garage. Or two, just hit up the Internet Archive, which has a healthy collection of digitised periodicals, with a focus on computer and IT-related topics.


If you cut your chops on the web during the era of hand-coded HTML websites, then you definitely know that the most important part of a good site are the GIFs. How else would you notify your readers that your site is still "under construction"? GifCities helps you find those GIFs from the old World Wide Web.