• You Can Overcome ‘Creative Mortification’

    You Can Overcome ‘Creative Mortification’

    Have you ever suffered creative mortification? Coined by educator Ronald Beghetto, the term describes losing your willingness to pursue a creative avenue following a negative outcome. Maybe you gave up on stand-up comedy forever after your set at the open mic night was met with murmurs instead of laughs, or you burned your accordion after…

  • How The Designer Behind The Original Mac Comes Up With New Ideas

    Most people can’t really innovate, says Hartmut Esslinger, founder of frog design. He and his company (now celebrating fifty years in business) helped design Apple’s portable computers, Sony’s Walkman and many websites, apps, gadgets, and high-end medical and dental equipment. These are his principles of innovation.

  • Australians Embrace Change, Slowly

    Many companies want to do things better but are hit with obstacles and blockers. ServiceNow’s VP of innovation, Chris Pope, is visiting Australia this week and I spoke with home about how Australia differs from other markets when it comes to trying new technology and what he sees as the blockers to process improvement.

  • Juicero Teaches An Important Lesson About Innovation

    Juicero is a Silicon Valley start-up that is trying to ride the wave of connected devices by using the surfboard of health. Juicero’s value proposition is a “closed loop” service. They produce sealed bags of fruit and vegetables that you load into a US$400 machine (that’s Internet connected, of course) and it produces fresh, cold-pressed…