How To Judge Chocolate’s Quality Based On The Label

When you’re casually shopping the chocolate aisle, it’s easy to presume that everything on the shelf in fancy packaging is high quality, but that’s not always the case. Just like wine, fancy packaging doesn’t always mean what’s inside is something you want. However, understanding the product description every bar can…

Use True Molasses, Not Blackstrap, For Better Baking

Molasses is an important ingredient in all sorts of foods, from spicy gingerbread to homemade barbecue sauce, but not all molasses is suitable for baking and BBQ-ing. Though blackstrap molasses is prized for it’s mineral content, it doesn’t touch true molasses in terms of flavour or bake-ability.

The Difference Between Crimini And Portobello Mushrooms

Even if two ingredients seem similar, you shouldn’t always swap them out, but if you know the difference you can better decide which one to use. For example, crimini and portobello mushrooms are two ingredients that seem similar, and in fact, the main difference is age.