• You Can Now Fix Your Samsung Phone Yourself

    You Can Now Fix Your Samsung Phone Yourself

    Generally, tech companies would rather you not repair your own stuff. It’s a problem that spans devices and machines of all kinds, from computers to lawn mowers, and has fuelled what is known as the “right to repair” movement, which basically boils down to “if I bought it, I should be able to fix it.”…

  • Repairability Is Less Important Than Upgradeability

    I really love looking at iFixIt’s teardowns of recently released hardware. And they also do some great advocacy work on the “right to repair” – something many tech companies including Apple have been fighting against. iFixIt gives each device a repairability score – their view of how easy a device will be to fix if…

  • The Microsoft Surface Laptop Is Unfixable

    Anyone seriously considering the recently announced Microsoft Surface laptop for their office or school fleet might have seconds thoughts. iFixIt’s tear down gives the Surface Laptop a “repairability” score of zero. That’s the first time they’ve given that score to a piece of hardware.