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iFixIt's teardown of the new Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10e reveals some great tech including two-way charging and a fingerprint reader that's integrated into the display. But those upgrades come at a cost. If you drop and crack the display, a repair is going to cost you plenty. Here's the low-down.


I really love looking at iFixIt's teardowns of recently released hardware. And they also do some great advocacy work on the "right to repair" - something many tech companies including Apple have been fighting against. iFixIt gives each device a repairability score - their view of how easy a device will be to fix if something goers wrong. But is that measure all that important?


Smartphone teardown and repair specialist iFixIt has put their toolkit up against the Google Pixel 3 and found Google's latest uber-phone is going to be a tough to fix if gravity and a solid surface ever device to team up to cause some damage. In their teardown, they discover that screen repairs are going to be a whole lot harder and Google may have taken out shares in a glue factory given how much adhesive is packed into the portable computing powerhouse.


I'm a big fan of iFixIt's teardowns and ratings for tech gear. When I was running an IT department for a school, the ability to repair and upgrade a device easily was a significant factor in hardware choices. In particular, being able to add memory to extend a device's life and easily repair or replace a keyboard (students can destroy keyboards) were important. The European parliament has revealed plans to introduce ratings, similar to those given by iFixIt, as well as other safeguards for consumers.