• How To Speed Up Or Slow Down Any HTML5 Video

    Chrome: I never really got why people like watching sped-up videos until I got a fun Tech 911 question asking about just that. Then I tried it out, and I understand it perfectly now; what you lose in quality (and suffer in chipmunk voices), you gain in time—sweet, sweet time.

  • Google Blocks Background Flash Content In Chrome

    The slow death of Adobe Flash marches on. Google has announced it will be blocking non-essential Flash content that runs in the background of webpages in September. Mozilla has already started doing this with its Firefox browser this month. Here’s what you need to know.

  • Intel’s New Developer Kit Can Build Android And Windows Apps

    Much of the news from the annual Mobile World Congress gathering in Barcelona concentrates on shiny new devices, but there’s also plenty happening in the developer space. Intel used the event to launch its new Integrated Native Developer Experience (INDE), which aims to make it possible to build Android and Windows apps using the same…