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Video: “Ugh, saltwater taffy is kind of gross.” That’s what Marisa Wu thought years ago, when a colleague suggested she make some of her own. But then she investigated and figured out how to cook taffy flavoured by real ingredients, not lab-created chemicals. Now Wu runs Salty Road Taffy, a popular high-end taffy brand where the banana flavour tastes like (and is made with) real bananas, where each recipe is carefully calibrated and made on antique equipment.

Wu gave us a video tour of the taffy factory, and talked about juggling production, marketing, and other aspects of her small business from a desk on the factory floor.


Video: Before How It's Made there were Sesame Street's video factory tours: The peanut butter factory dubbed with bluegrass, the postage factory printing dog stamps, the chewing gum factory narrated by excitable children, the '70s-arse cheese artisans, the boisterous hamburger bun factory. The smell of Crayola still makes me think of the clicky-clacky marimba soundtrack from the crayon factory. Each video helps you understand the basic process behind a manufactured item, but it also helps you appreciate the workers who handle the process, and just how skilled their work can be. And the soundtracks and narration leave a specific visceral impression that the bare footage couldn't convey alone.