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I am not always the most attentive person when it comes to matters of the home. "What do you mean you're supposed to clean the ceiling fan and the light switches and the oven racks? Who does that?" So you would think having houseplants around would be a disastrous idea.


"Hygge" is a Danish word that essentially means the quality of cosiness, contentment and well-being. If you want to attain hygge in your household, one simple and cost-effective way is to invest in some plants. Unfortunately, they need to actually survive for it to work. This infographic looks at the types of houseplants first-time buyers and non-green thumbs should consider.


If you've ever had a potted plant that seemed to bend and reach towards a sunny window or light, you know you should probably move it a little closer. Getting the plant to grow evenly though, once it's already started to bend, is trickier without hurting it. Here's how.