household hacks

  • Check the Fridge Before You Take Out the Trash

    Check the Fridge Before You Take Out the Trash

    Do you have a routine on garbage night? My husband likes to make the rounds, collecting every bit of garbage in the house; I just wheel the bins to the curb and call the chore done. Whichever your approach, I’d like you to add one step: take a peek in the fridge while you’re at…

  • How To Dust Everything In Your Home

    I love dusting. There’s something extremely satisfying about running a piece of cloth across a surface and watching it become instantly brighter—or pulling a few books out of a bookshelf, admiring the book-shaped gunk outline you didn’t even know was there and then making it disappear.

  • The Best Way To Pack A Moving Box

    The Best Way To Pack A Moving Box

    Moving is a long, arduous process. But it’s even worse when you arrive in your new home, open up a box, and find that your printer has shattered all the wine glasses it was packed with.

  • How To Remove Mould From Almost Any Surface [Infographic]

    This summer has been a mixed bag of humidity and drizzle: the perfect breeding ground for various types of mould. If you’re currently battling surface fungus, this exhaustive infographic from NeoMam Studios explains how to eradicate the problem. Best of all, most of the solutions involve household items that you probably already own.