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  • What Shopping At Woolworths, Coles And ALDI Actually Costs

    We’re constantly bombarded with advertising for supermarket specials, but is any one chain consistently cheaper than the others? A new investigation by consumer advocate CHOICE suggests not — and highlights again how much more we pay for brand-name goods rather than house brand alternatives.

  • Supermarket Wars: The 85 Cent Loaf Of Bread

    For many years, Australia’s supermarkets tacitly agreed that the cheapest loaf of bread for sale would be a 650 gram white loaf for $1. Now Woolworths and Coles have decided that’s apparently too expensive, and are selling that same white loaf for 85 cents.

  • Ask LH: Which House Brand Goods Should I Avoid?

    Dear Lifehacker, After a recent argument with the rest of my family over the purchase of various no-name groceries from supermarkets, I wondered: What are the off-limit items where house brand goods just doesn’t cut it? Any advice? Thanks, Smarting Shopper

  • House Brand Products Are Rarely Australian

    Australians buy house brand products like Woolworths Home Brand and Coles Smart Buy in huge quantities, but they’re far from universally popular. One common objection to them is that they’re more likely to be imports than to be made in Australia. A study of 360 products by CHOICE suggests that’s true, with just 38 per…