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There are few things more boringly pedantic than condiment policing. Put tomato sauce on your baby, I don’t give a damn. I don’t know if you know this about food, but different people from different places season, dress, and sauce things differently, and this is good, actually.


Hot dogs are the ultimate easy crowd pleaser. They're already cooked, so you don't have to worry about poisoning anyone, and even the most picky youth can rarely resist a good dog.

"Dirty water dogs" - the ones you get from a cart that sit in a vat of salty water - may seem like a treat you can only get on the streets of big US cities but, with an immersion circulator, you can get very close to the real thing at home.


The greasy sizzle of delicious meat on a grill is a staple of Aussie summer. But as everyone breaks out the barbecue grill, paper plates, and "Kiss the Cook" aprons, a debate older than charcoal briquettes rages in the minds of grillmasters everywhere, along with their hungry audience: Do you want a burger? Or a hot dog? ("Both" is certainly an option, but not for the purposes of this showdown.)

Vegetarian? I'm so sorry.


Growing up in Mississippi, I ate a lot of pimento cheese, mainly on crackers or in sandwiches with white bread. If these were the only two ways I ever consumed this wondrous spread, I would be happy, but pimento cheese can be so much more. Below you will find a multitude of tasty uses for "the caviar of the South."