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When you sit down to watch some spooky movies this week you may be tempted by The Devil And Father Amorth, an exorcism film with a difference. Made by The Exorcist director William Friedkin, The Devil And Father Amorth claims to chronicle a real life exorcism, devoid of theatrics and special effects: but is it really as unaltered as it claims to be?

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John Carpenter's The Thing, which turned 35 last month, is always the first movie we turn to any time we feel like watching something both figuratively and literally chilling. But it's by no means the only great horror film set in freezing conditions. Hide under the blankets this winter with these 15 great horror flicks set in the freezing cold.


Let's say you've considered watching a horror movie before but didn't know where to start. Let's say the month of October has you horror curious. Let's say I've compiled a list to guide you through several decades of nightmares.