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Video: It’s a thrill to have a place of your very own. It can also be incredibly daunting, especially if the most you’ve ever thought about home decor was the time you taped fairy lights above your bedroom mirror. But you don’t need to turn into Chip and Joanna Gaines overnight.

In this episode of Lifehacker’s Adulting series, we’ll give you some tips for making your space feel like you, or rather, a more sophisticated version of you.


I want the wallpaper from Phantom Thread. And I can have it, or at least a “reworking” of it, at Wallpaper Direct. I know that thanks to Film and Furniture, a blog and database that spots furniture and decor in movies and TV shows, and tells you where you can buy it.


It seems so logical -- you want your couch facing your fireplace and your TV, and right above the mantle there's a beautiful, wide stretch of wall. So you hang your flat-screen right above the fireplace. And you've just made a TERRIBLE MISTAKE.