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Gifts For People Who Miss The Headphone Jack

Some people just don’t like change. Whether it’s an unwanted redesign of your favourite website; a new, healthier recipe from your snack food brand of choice; or a poorly considered decision from America’s most popular Cupertino-based smartphone manufacturer to remove a ubiquitous and egalitarian connection method, change can hurt.

Give The Gift Of Awesome Gadgets And Stuff We Like

Not every cool gift idea fits into a neat little category. In fact, some of the best stuff doesn’t. That’s why we have a special guide just for the awesome gadgets we fancied throughout the year. Here is some of the most awesome stuff we like.

Give A Thoughtful, Handmade Gift With These DIY Projects

Maybe you’re on a budget or maybe you just want to put a little extra effort into a handmade gift. Either way, if you’re up for the challenge, skip the crowded shopping centres and try these thoughtful, do-it-yourself gifts instead.