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Lifehacker reader kadavy drew inspiration from Merlin Mann's Hipster PDA to create an on-the-go, pocket-friendly Hipster PDA Keychain. There's not much you need to know about this one beyond the idea—as you can see, the execution is dead simple. Just attach a binder clip to your keychain, cut up some notecards, and you're good to go. This picture was uploaded to Flickr years ago, but we had never seen or featured it. In fact, we just stumbled onto it by chance while doing a little Flickr searching yesterday. Still, we love it. Nice work, kadavy! While you're enjoying some DIY keychain hacking, check out previously mentioned favourites like the keychain money clip, Leatherman keychain, and the DIY compact keychain.

The Hipster PDA Keychain


Weighting in at the size of a business card, the tiny Thumb Calendar makes it possible to keep a calendar on you at all times. The Thumb Calendar is two sided and in order to use it, you must cover the dates that are not directly below the month header with your thumbs. The designer only has a PDF version for 2007 on his homepage, but you can grab a 2008 version from Flickr (linked below). The Thumb Calendar is a free download and makes a great addition to any purse or wallet.
Thumb Calendar 2008 Edition


Turn a notecard into a miniature whiteboard by wrapping it with packing tape. As shown above, packing tape can also be used to laminate notecards you want to protect. The downside to carrying a notecard wrapped in packing tape is that you'd also have to start carrying a dry erase marker. Regardless, if you're a frequent doodler, big thinker, or work in an environment where dry erase markers are abundant, you can reuse notecards that would otherwise get scrapped.
Make A Pocket-Size Dry Erase Board


Tired of always focusing on the downside of everything? Wish you could temper your negative thoughts with occasional reassurance? Web site wikiHow offers a good roundup of ways to counter pessimism, including a little Moleskine-powered mind hacking:Get a notebook and a pen, and write down all the good things that you have. Every time you are feeling negative, read through them and remind yourself that it's not all bad. How do you battle downward-spiraling thoughts? Feel free to share in the comments.

How to Be Optimistic