• Why Being Cold Makes You Pee

    Why Being Cold Makes You Pee

    Imagine yourself outdoors in a cold winter landscape. There’s a chill in your toes and the sting of cold air against your face. Sounds are muffled by the snow. You may smell a sort of clean freshness in the air. And your bladder, most likely, feels like it’s about to burst. What’s up with that?

  • Your Sex Life Needs Regular Exercise

    Your Sex Life Needs Regular Exercise

    We all know we should exercise to improve our physical life. But if you needed even more incentive to hit the gym, how about the fact that exercise can also improve your sex life? It seems almost fairly obvious. As Karla Robinson, medical editor at GoodRx, puts it: “Exercise increases blood flow throughout your body,…

  • It’s Time for a Spending Audit

    It’s Time for a Spending Audit

    Whether you deliberately ignore certain bad spending habits or you’ve fallen prey to a larger trend of lifestyle creep, it’s easy to lose track of where some of your cash is going. We’ve previously covered how many sources like to overstate the impact of small purchases, like your morning iced coffee, on your long-term finances.…

  • Is Your Tea Dead?

    Is Your Tea Dead?

    On a regular day I’ll reach for coffee, but when life sucks, tea is the shoulder I cry on. When I’m sick, or cold, or when I’ve already had a fire truck’s-worth of coffee, I’ll switch on the kettle and prepare a soothing cup of tea. The problem with now-and-then tea culture is that the…