• Amazon Blocked In Australia: How It Affects You

    Amazon has announced it will be blocking Australians from its international sites and limiting us to to the much smaller, saying it’s all about compliance with new GST rules on online purchases. Whiles there’s support from one quarter, most people are pretty angry at Amazon.

  • The Government Is Clueless About eBay And Online Retail

    A few years ago, after much whining and hand-wringing by olde worlde retailers, the federal government began looking into changing the law around GST collection from overseas retailers on purchases of under $1000. Even though it would cost more to collect the GST than the tax would raise the government wants to kick start this…

  • Adobe Is Now Charging GST For All Online Products And Services

    We have some bad news for Photoshop, Premiere and Creative Cloud users. Next month, Adobe will start charging GST on all products and subscription services in accordance with Australia tax laws. That’s right — the worst offender of the ‘Australia Tax’ now has an actual Australia tax. Here’s what you need to know, including a…