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  • The 10 Best Exercises to Do With Tiny Dumbbells

    The 10 Best Exercises to Do With Tiny Dumbbells

    When you’re just starting to work out, small dumbbells are a godsend: You can do the same exercises as everyone else, but with less weight. When we get strong enough, we often leave those little dumbbells behind, and that’s a shame. There are actually a lot of worthwhile exercises that don’t require much in the…

  • Let’s Train Our Open Hand Grip

    In our month-long quest to get stronger hands and forearms, we’ve trained our crush grip, support grip, and pinch grip. Now it’s time for a different challenge: open hand grip, the kind of grip that helps you hold onto large and sometimes oddly shaped objects.

  • February’s Fitness Challenge Is: Grip!

    We spend a lot of time working our arms, legs, heart, lungs—but maybe not our hands. Which is a shame, because grip strength is helpful for other exercises, and can be a goal in itself. We’re going to start with the most popular, but paradoxically least useful, hand exercise: grippers.