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It is both easy and apparently cool to hate green bean casserole. Admittedly, “canned green beans mixed with canned condensed cream of mushroom soup topped with canned fried onions” doesn’t sound great, but hating on something because it comes from a can reveals more about the hater than the dish itself.


If you hate green beans, there’s probably a good reason why. Your green bean experiences likely involved someone absentmindedly opening a can of green beans and throwing them in a saucepan on the stove. Maybe they were french cut (or not), and whoever was cooking threw in a few lardons of bacon (or not). Either way, you ended up with, mushy (possibly bacon-y) sadness.


Sichuan style green beans are tasty, but they usually require a wok and a good bit of cooking oil. If you don't own a wok (or simply don't want to deal with a bunch of oil) they may seem out of your grasp but, over at Serious Eats, Kenji (of Food Lab fame) has devised a way to get vibrant, blistered beans using your broiler.