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This past weekend the AFL and the NRL finished up with their huge Grand Finals. You already know the results. Did your team win? The mighty Adelaide Crows - my team - lost. Poorly. If you follow the Crows or the North Queensland Cowboys then, you are probably in the same big, sad boat.

I know. It stings.

But take a paddle and let’s row out of this mess, together.


This Saturday is the biggest day on the Australian sport calendar. No, it’s not The Melbourne Cup – yes, that race stops a nation, but only for a couple of minutes – and no, it’s not State of Origin – only two states care about that. What about the Ashes? Stop it.

This Saturday is all about the AFL Grand Final. Here’s everything you need to know about Australia’s premier sporting event.


This weekend, Saturday September 30, sees the Adelaide Crows take on the Richmond Tigers in the AFL Grand Final. If you’re a rabid fan who has followed either of those teams for 26 weeks, then you definitely want to be there at ‘The Big Dance’. But there’s only 34,000 tickets for club members and the Crows and Richmond have a combined membership well over 100,000.

How can you get tickets?


In this weeks AFL Grand Final, a traditional Victorian team - the Richmond Tigers - will take on a plucky interstate team - the Adelaide Crows. But up until 1990, the AFL wasn't even known as the AFL - it was the Victorian Football League. With the expansion into New South Wales in 1982 and then Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia, the AFL was born. This infographic shows just how big the sport has become.


Whether your side wins or loses, one thing about the grand final weekend is certain: you're going to have a huge hangover at some point in these three days. Sports is one of the best excuses for drinking (and day drinking), so we've compiled some of our best tips that will get you through it in one piece.