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Facebook: can't live with it, can't live without it. Between spam, privacy issues and garbage in our news feed, Facebook can get pretty annoying, and other networks like Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn can be just as bad. As long as you're wasting all your time on social sites, why not fix them up so they work like you want them to? Here are 10 ways to do just that.


If you created a personal Gmail-based Google+ account, but now try to use an Apps-related account, or vice-versa, Google's got a Takeout option for you. Head to Google Takeout while logged into the Google+ account that holds the circles you created, and click the link to transfer some or all of your configuration into another Google account.


Google's social network Google+ gained a few upgrades today at Google IO, particularly in the form of native tablet apps for both Android and iPad and in how you participate in events. The tablet apps are essentially larger versions of what you'd find in Google+ on your smartphones but with support for larger screen sizes, including the new iPad's retina display). Android users get the update today, but iPad owners will have to wait until it comes "soon."


Google has been slowly rolling out new features and closer integration between all of its products and Google+, and yesterday it was Gmail's turn to get a few updates. Now, when you get G+ notifications in your Gmail inbox, you'll be able to view, comment and +1 those posts without leaving your inbox, and if you're viewing a notification post and someone else comments on the post, you'll see that reply in the message, in real time.


The original aim of Google+ Hangouts was to allow video chat with groups of people. The new Google+ Hangouts On Air option offers a different choice: a live video broadcast which anyone can watch, and which is later archived to YouTube.


We spend an awful lot of time using social networks to keep up with people, discover news, and bring new functionality to our favourite apps, but they can get cluttered pretty quickly (not to mention destroy your privacy if you aren't careful). This weekend, take some time to clean up, organise and re-privatise your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts.


Facebook and Twitter consume increasingly large chunks of our time, providing us with a public face to the world and accumulating personal data over time. Those benefits come with significant security risks, however. Make sure your social networking dream doesn't turn into a nightmare by ensuring you follow good security practices.