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There are tons of note apps with wildly different approaches to organising your thoughts. For that perfect balance between quick notes and serious organisation, Google Keep is our favourite. You can scribble something down easily, or go all-out with filtering, labels, colour-coding, and more.


When Google Keep launched, it never got the fanfare it deserved. The people that did review it compared it to all the wrong apps, like Evernote or Microsoft OneNote. That's a shame, because a surprisingly good note-taking app went under the radar, underrated for coming up short against contenders it wasn't designed to face. It's about time to give Google Keep a fair shake, see where it shines and how it fits in with the competition.


So Google doesn't think anyone needs an RSS feed service but apparently thinks we need multiple ways to take notes (other than Drive, Calendar, Gmail . . .) Google Keep is a new service that lets you create notes on an Android device or via the Web and then store them in Drive. In other words: Google wants some of that sweet Evernote market.