gift guides 2017

Gifts For People Who Miss The Headphone Jack

Some people just don’t like change. Whether it’s an unwanted redesign of your favourite website; a new, healthier recipe from your snack food brand of choice; or a poorly considered decision from America’s most popular Cupertino-based smartphone manufacturer to remove a ubiquitous and egalitarian connection method, change can hurt.

Gifts For The Wannabe Molecular Gastronomist

Though some lifestyle gurus may claim to subsist on “chemical free” food, such a thing does not exist. Like the entire world around us, food is made up of complex chemical systems, and those systems can be manipulated to make olive oil powders, cocktail spheres, or cheese sauce from any…

Gifts For The Person In Your Life Who Desperately Needs Improvement  

Let’s face it: There are people in your life who, in a variety of ways, need to shape up. Maybe they aren’t getting out enough. Maybe they’re getting out too much. Maybe they can never hang out because they’re too hungover. Maybe they can never hang out because their cat,…