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We constantly encounter headlines about how tablets are killing PC sales. That doesn't mean computers are disappearing from the workplace, but it does mean the way you buy them for business use will change dramatically. Here are some key issues to consider when doing that.


Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) is now a permanent part of the landscape, so IT pros need to ensure those diverse devices are controlled using mobile device management (MDM). Here are 10 tips to consider as you look towards MDM.


Apple enjoys a prominent position in the smartphone and tablet markets, but larger enterprises who want to purchase those products often find the process both more difficult and more expensive than dealing with more traditional vendors. Here are some tactics to make the experience a little less painful.


Showrooming is the strategy used by every cost-conscious shopper these days: checking out goods for suitability at a physical retail store, but then shopping online to find the best deal. It's difficult for any Australian to compete on price with a giant like Amazon.com, but that doesn't mean it's impossible. Here's what to do (including why price matching is a bad idea).


If you're purchasing enterprise software, you'll typically push for a discount based on the volume of seats you need and your previous and future history with the vendor. When it comes to dealing with Oracle, that may not get you very far.


Deployment of a hybrid cloud solution (mixing public cloud infrastructure with on-site systems) is often said to be driven by security and data sovereignty concerns. For Coca Cola Amatil, however, hybrid reflects a more basic reality: key warehousing apps won't be allowed off the premises.


The NZ Transport Agency avoided a $70 million rebuild of its driver and vehicle registration system via a carefully-planned migration that moved ageing mainframe apps onto a modern Windows server environment. Its experience provides 10 useful lessons in how to manage large-scale app migrations while minimising risks and costs.


Having to maintain legacy apps running on outdated hardware is the bane of many an IT professional's life. Gartner analyst Rick Howard reminds us that the problem is unlikely to be fixed if we don't also rework the processes associated with those apps.