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The Razer Blade line has produced some of the most mobile, technically advanced gaming laptops to date. Last night, Razer announced their 2018 refresh - and there are a few cosmetic changes lurking under that matte black hood. The new Blade, according to Razer, aims to be Ultra Fast, Ultra Small and Ultra Powerful, and with its beefed up specs and decreasing size, they certainly look like their going to meet those goals.

Here's what we know about the new Razer Blade, when you can get it and how much it will cost.


Following its more mobile Blade and Blade Stealth laptops, Razer has introduced its top-of-the-line Blade Pro gaming-focused machine in Australia for the first time.

With a 17.3-inch screen, a Core i7 Kaby Lake processor and a beautiful, comfortable design in black aluminum crammed into a shell only 2.2cm thick, this is an absolute beast of a laptop that also manages to look and feel premium and classy.