• How to Safely Dispose of Old Petrol

    How to Safely Dispose of Old Petrol

    If you’ve been storing petrol (hopefully not in plastic bags or other random containers), it’s important to know that it can go bad, and after a while you won’t want to put it in your car or lawnmower. But you shouldn’t dump it in the street, either. Here’s what you need to know about safe…

  • Australians Love Their Fuel Cars

    In several speeches of late, Prime Minister Scott Morrison insisted with a straight face that Australia is doing its bit on climate change. The claim was swiftly and thoroughly debunked. The truth is the Morrison government is piggybacking on the efforts of others, to varying degrees of success.

  • It’s Official: Aussie Petrol Sucks

    According to Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) figures, Australian petrol is the worst of all 35 OECD countries. Aussie standards allow for 150 parts per million (ppm) of sulphur – the stuff that, once it hits the atmosphere, can form acid rain and also cause respiratory issues for anyone who likes breathing. It’s…