Our Readers Share Their Best Frugal Hacks

Our Readers Share Their Best Frugal Hacks

Earlier this week, we asked you to share your favourite frugal hack — and you delivered. Lifehacker readers have hacks for everything from haircutting to bulk shopping, as well as large-scale, philosophical money hacks to help you practice mindful spending.

The Cheapest Ways To Stay Warm When It’s Freezing

A few days ago, a true cold spell rolled through our area, taking temperatures down to below freezing. Given that it was also a day where every member of our family had some business out and about, it meant that we were all exposed to the frigid elements.

When Is A ‘Small’ Purchase Still Not Worth It?

When you read a lot of personal finance articles, you inevitably reach a point where you can’t buy a water bottle at the corner deli or buy gas without driving around to find something that’s two cents cheaper a gallon without feeling some sense of shame. Those are unnecessary purchases…