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As Jeff Goldblum once said: "Menulog, uh... finds a way." Perfectly summing up my experience with cooking dinner, food delivery services somehow find a way into my weekly eating plans - mostly because I am too lazy to cook. That's not the cheapest way to live, but it is the most convenient. What if I only had to pay a tenner?


You can typically get a discount on big purchases like appliances or electronics, even at large retailers, just by haggling with the sales associate. And if you're making that purchase online, expert deal hunter Kyle James suggests haggling via live chat instead.


There's a point when frugality simply isn't worth it. Sometimes, when you're trying to save money, you'll grab the cheapest possible version of a product, only to realise a few days later it doesn't work properly or just plain falls apart. Here are some items that are worth the little bit of extra cash.