• Analytics: Pick One Of Scalable Or Agile

    Call it big data, analytics or old-fashioned business intelligence, the ability to identify trends in business data can be useful. However, trying to build a system which is both adaptable to large volumes and easily tweaked can be challenging.

  • Why We’re Using More Managed Security Services

    Managed security services provide an opportunity to improve your IT security without having to invest heavily in on-premises equipment. However, it seems the main reason we’re adopting them is a more pragmatic one: there simply aren’t enough security experts to go around.

  • Development Lessons From The Debacle

    The attempt to roll out universal health cover in the US has suffered a major setback with performance issues on the site used to allow consumers to sign up for individual plans. Forrester analyst David Aponovich points out that all web projects can learn from the mistakes made rolling out the site.