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Sandwiched between Moldova and Ukraine is the landlocked 'nation' of Transnistria. A nation that isn't recognised as a nation at all. The United Nations identifies it as part of Moldova. Moldova identifies it as its own 'autonomous territorial unit'. You won't find its name printed on Google Maps.

With no official title, Transnistria is a monument to the former USSR, a place frozen in time in Eastern Europe.


The Japanese flag is an immediately recognizable emblem of the island nation, a brilliant red circle stamped on a pure white background. It's simplicity belies it's cultural importance to the Japanese and although you may think of the flag as a mainstay of Japan dating back at least 100 years, until 1999, the flag - known as the Nisshōki or Hi no maru - was designed completely differently.

Okay, maybe not completely differently.


A lot of people have strong feelings about flag burning. It's often considered to be the ultimate unpatriotic act or even a precursor to violence. If you really want people to think you hate your country -- burning the flag will usually do it. But regardless of the social and political implications of the act, is flag burning actually illegal?