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I recently attended a press and analyst summit run by UK events company NetEvents. The event, held in San Jose this year, introduced me to a few companies I’d not come across before that offer interesting products and services. Here are five I think are worth keeping an eye on.


Perhaps the most heavily disrupted, at least from the consumer and small business perspectives, element of fintech has been payments. The stranglehold banks have had on how money is collected and moved remains strong but a number of new players have begun to edge in. One of the big players in that disruption is Square. Today, they have released their new Square Stand - a $299 device that works out-of-the-box to convert an iPad into a full point-of-sale system.


Last week's announcement by the ACCC to block a number of banks from acting as a block in negotiating with Apple over access to Apple Pay was hardly a surprise, given previous comments by the business regulator. But it says a lot about some of the wealthiest and most powerful businesses in the country that they felt the need to get help from the regulator.