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Thunderbird only (all platforms): Thunderbird extension Contacts Sidebar pulls Thunderbird's built-in contact management out of obscurity, making it more usable and accessible. After installing, just hit F4 at any time to toggle Contacts Sidebar's visibility in the Thunderbird sidebar. Once visible, you can easily search, edit, or email contacts from the main Thunderbird interface. We'd mentioned Contacts Sidebar once before among our eight killer Thunderbird extensions, but in light of today's Hive Five contact managers and the 'bird's relatively poor showing, it deserves a mention of its own. Contacts Sidebar


Thunderbird only: Thunderbird extension Seek adds advanced search and sort functionality to the open source email client, Thunderbird, through a feature called faceted browsing. As you can see in the screencast above, faceted browsing narrows down emails by a number of conditions, introducing tonnes of useful ways to slice and dice your inbox to find exactly what you want. Add to that the timeline feature, which looks like a blast along with being useful, and we've got a pretty worthwhile Thunderbird extension here. If you give it a go, let's hear what you think in the comments. Seek


Windows/Linux (Thunderbird): Import Outlook's PST files and choose which email folders to bring into Thunderbird with PST Import, a free extension for the open-source, cross-platform email manager Thunderbird. While Thunderbird can import certain messages and settings from an existing Outlook installation, the PST Import add-on lets you set up email on Linux systems, and gives Thunderbird users the ability to pull specific email folders from a stand-alone PST file. The program was coded in France and one user review noted a dialog pop-up in French language, but the instructions should be fairly straight-forward, regardless. PST Import is a free download and is listed as working with Windows and Linux versions of Thunderbird—if any OS X users want to give it a quick shot, I'll update whether it works there too. Thanks Eddy!
PST Import Plugin


All platforms running Thunderbird: The addressContext Thunderbird extension batch processes to and from email addresses for a set of messages from the context menu. Quickly create a new mailing list, or simply add new cards to your address book by selecting a set of messages, right-clicking and choosing "Add Senders/Recipients as Cards" or "Add Senders/Recipients as List." The addressContext extension is a free download, and works with and wherever Thunderbird does.



You can free yourself from stress caused by the "burden of perfection" by embracing imperfection, according to the Daily Cents weblog. The post discusses these ideas from a female perspective, but a lot of the ideas are just as applicable to both sexes. For example:A lot of pressure if self-imposed - This was a great point made by Leslie Bennetts and illustrated poignantly with an anecdote about her friend, a successful lawyer, who broke down and decided to quit her job after she was informed that it was her turn to bake cupcakes for her child's class.The author suggests that becoming an imperfectionist—or at least embracing the the idea that not everything needs to be perfect—can dramatically lower your stress levels, and I think we can all agree with that.
Imperfection -- and other great thoughts