featured tech workspace

  • Featured Workplace: MuleSoft’s North Sydney Office

    The cloud-based integration platform provider MuleSoft recently opened a new flagship office on North Sydney’s Walker Street. Boasting beautiful North Sydney views, regular wine tastings and mascots aplenty, the workplace has been designed to foster the company’s core value in employees: “be a better human”. Here are the photos!

  • Featured Workplace: York Butter Factory

    York Butter Factory (YBF) is a co-working space for technology startups that has a singular vision: to provide Melbourne’s best entrepreneurs with an environment where they can — and I quote — “get shit done”. Here are the photos.

  • Featured Workplace: Flick Electric Co

    “Electricity is sexy and very exciting!” Jessica Venning-Bryan, general manager for brand for Flick Electric Co, said. Flick is a start-up that’s shaking up the power business in New Zealand. Now, I’d say for most people, the idea of an electricity company doesn’t exactly match up with words like “sexy” and “exciting”. But just like…