• How To Do A Full Body Workout Without Leaving Your Bed

    You’re not the only one struggling at the thought of jumping out of bed to workout in the morning as temperatures start to dip. Although some might balk at the idea of using an unstable surface to exercise, there are some movements that are perfectly okay to do in bed.

  • Box Jumps Are Super Fun

    Box Jumps Are Super Fun

    I did box jumps for the first time last week. I mean, I’ve probably jumped on boxes before, but I only recently visited a gym that had a dedicated plyo box. A box made for jumping. It was fun.

  • This Trick Keeps Your Pushups Honest

    This Trick Keeps Your Pushups Honest

    A proper push-up takes you all the way down to the ground — but it’s easy to cheat by only going partway down. To be sure you’re getting the full challenge and benefit out of each rep, pick up your hands every time your chest hits the floor.