• I’m NYX Cosmetics Founder Toni Ko, And This Is How I Work

    Toni Ko sold $US2 million of makeup in her first year of business, before hiring a single employee. She grew her company NYX Cosmetics into a half-billion-dollar business before selling it to L’Oréal. We talked to the multimillionaire entrepreneur about her early start, her biggest mistake, and her venture fund for woman-owned businesses.

  • I’m Justworks Founder Isaac Oates, And This Is How I Work

    I’m Justworks Founder Isaac Oates, And This Is How I Work

    If you’ve ever struggled with an outdated payroll system, or slogged through a bureaucratic HR department, you can see the appeal of Justworks, which offers modernised payroll, benefits, HR and legal compliance services to small businesses and growing companies. It’s still a growing company itself, competing with legacy giants such as ADP as well as…

  • How To Address In-Fighting In A Startup

    Startups are usually founded by teams with big ambitions. They pour their money and time into a business, often spending most of their day with each other. But when you’re spending so much time together, there’s bound to be some disagreements. Tensions arise and, if left uncheck, can cause the failure of a startup. Here’s…