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Energy costs are soaring, and small businesses are particularly vulnerable to the impact this has on their bottom line.

While we haven’t seen the huge price increases some were anticipating in 2018 (yet), around 76 per cent of businesses are still paying too much for energy.

The average business could save $1000 or more simply by switching suppliers — and that’s before taking into account other measures to become greener.

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There are many challenges facing Australian business, and the changing cost of energy bills is only one of them.

Many energy retailers offer competitive rates and discounts that only last for a fixed period, such as 24 months. Small businesses that fail to perform another comparison when they are due to renew risk losing competitive or discounted rates and an unnecessary rise in their next bill.


Melbourne's first Powerwall 2 has been installed at a three-bedroom, one storey house in Coburg. Brendan Fahey and his wife Josephine added Tesla's shiny new battery to their home to complement their existing solar panels, after Brendan calculated that the Powerwall 2 could take his energy bill down almost to zero.