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Earlier this week, a teenager working in Canberra was fired from her job for posting that she will vote No in the same sex marriage survey. And I've had a number of people tell me, on condition of anonymity and through their social media accounts, that their employers are pushing a strong view on how staff should vote.

Putting aside the obvious emotion regarding the same sex marriage postal vote, should employers be allowed to coerce you to vote in a particular way or fire you for your views?


If you look at social media a lot, as I do, you might be startled by how many people were... unbothered by Nazis and white supremacists marching in Charlottesville two weeks ago. In the days after the clashes in Virginia that led to the killing of Heather Heyer and the beating of DeAndre Harris, a good number of people popped up in my social media feeds, countering that "Antifa" and Black Lives Matter activists were equally as violent as the Nazis and white supremacists who came to a "peaceful" rally armed with semi-automatic weapons.


I waited until my seven-year-old was done with his breakfast to break the news. "Do you remember the election was yesterday?" I asked. "Yeah? Who won?" he said. I had to tell him: Donald Trump.


Against the odds, Donald Trump has snatched an unlikely victory in key swing states and has been declared the new leader of the free world. Or: Hilary Clinton has comfortably won the US election - just as all the polls predicted. Or: The result of the US election is too close to call and a recount in Florida/New Hampshire/Pennsylvania is likely.

Today, only one of these statements will prove to be true. You can find out which one by watching the live stream right here.


On Wednesday, the US election winner will finally be declared and there will be a new president. Will it be Democratic nominee Hilary Clinton or the Republican Party's Donald Trump? The outcome could have a lasting consequence on the Australian economy - so it's important to pay attention. Here's how to watch the election results as they trickle in from each US state and when you can expect to know who won the presidency.