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Kids are born innovators. Any parent who’s caught their child building pyramids out of restaurant creamer cups knows this. KiwiCo helps them channel their creativity with monthly subscription boxes of STEAM-focused activities — with these hands-on kits, little makers might build an arcade claw, design their own pinball game, or create a paint pendulum. The company was founded by Sandra Oh Lin, a mother of three in California. We asked her how she parents.


Mac: If you’re clipping a bit of text to send in a tweet or saving info from a rental car confirmation page, your standard Command-Shift-4 shortcut for a screenshot is more than adequate. But adding a couple of keystrokes can make all the difference when you want to, say, include a professional-looking image of your company’s webpage in a presentation deck.


Your intentions are good. You learned long ago that the polite guest never shows up empty-handed to a dinner party and you've stuck by it. You always grab a bouquet of wildflowers from the Coles discount rack on your way to the fete that you thrust magnanimously into the arms of your host on arrival. You're polite! You sweat the details!