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  • Dining Alone Is The Best

    I enjoy sharing food with other people in an extreme way, but I’m also an enthusiastic and unapologetic solo diner. If the many articles written about the subject are to be believed, the main challenge facing the solo diner is social anxiety, embarrassment, and shame. As someone who has never felt that last emotion, I…

  • The Ten Best Restaurants In Sydney For Vegans And Vegetarians

    Restaurants that serve a wide range of interesting and tasty food for non-carnivores used to be somewhat hard to come by. As the diet has grown in popularity, restaurants that serve vegetarian and vegan fare that’s interesting, delicious and in some cases, very Instagrammable, have popped up all over Sydney. Here are 10 of the…

  • ‘Healthy’ Fast Food Is Mostly A Lie

    Each month, 11.5 million Australians consume fast food. Alongside traditional burger, fried chicken and pizza chains, new chains are positioning themselves as healthier alternatives to the typical, energy-, saturated fat-, sugar- and salt-laden meals on offer at traditional chains. Unfortunately, many of these outlets are not living up to their claims.