Add Pureed Pickles To Your Coleslaw

Add Pureed Pickles To Your Coleslaw

A good coleslaw knows no season. If you’ve saturated your palate with the usual, slightly sweet slaw dressing this winter, try mixing things up with the some salty and sour pickles.

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As the year draws to a close and January 1 begins to loom in a slightly ominous fashion, you may find yourself examining the food choices you made in 2018. Obviously you should regret nothing, but if all this reflection leads to hankering for a salad or two, we have quite…

The Best Meatless Ways To Use Liquid Smoke

Liquid smoke, an additive that imparts a charred wood flavour to food without using a smoker, has been dismissed as both “cheating” and “nasty” but, if used with a delicate hand, it can produce some tasty results.. I love liquid smoke in my apartment-approved, smoke-free, sous vide ribs, but it…