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Netflix may have killed the video rental store - but their documentary section was usually pretty crappy anyway. (Sorry, Video Ezy.)

By contrast, the world's biggest movie streaming service has a steady stream of illuminating documentaries to choose from. Here are ten of the best docos currently streaming on Netflix Australia.


Before streaming, finding a good documentary meant either scouring the local video store or plundering the depths of YouTube. These days, we’re spoiled for choice. Netflix has a huge library of docos on-demand so it can be hard to differentiate between the good and the bad. But that's where we come in.

Here are some of the best.


In the back of your mind, you probably realise that nature documentaries aren't literally nonfiction depictions of actual things that happened in nature. As it turns out, many of the techniques and tricks used in Hollywood movies are also applied to nature documentaries -- even when the footage is real.