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Bring Amaro Instead Of Wine To Your Next Dinner Party

If someone is taking the time to open up their home and feed you, the polite, adult thing to do is bring a gift. Anyone can grab a mid-price bottle of wine with a pretty label, but interesting, thoughtful guests bring amaro.

How To Survive A Group Dinner At A Restaurant

Imagine a party where everyone has to arrive and leave at the same time, where some guests are only allowed to talk to two or three other people all night, and there’s a mystery price (anywhere from $20 to $80) that every guest pays at the end. You just invented…

Don’t Bring Flowers To A Party

Your intentions are good. You learned long ago that the polite guest never shows up empty-handed to a dinner party and you’ve stuck by it. You always grab a bouquet of wildflowers from the Coles discount rack on your way to the fete that you thrust magnanimously into the arms…