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Hey Lifehacker, I just learned that Vodafone plan to stop offering all Crazy Johns plans in September. I've been offered a new deal but it's nowhere near as good as the shared plan I have currently. Nothing Vodafone offers that is incentive enough to switch and go on a contract. But if I don't change before the switch-off, will I be "rolled over" automatically?


Hi Lifehacker, I am currently a Crazy John's customer for mobile phone and mobile internet (with 18 months to run on a 24 month contract), and with the news that the brand will be absorbed by Vodafone in the coming weeks, I am wondering what my contractual rights may be should I wish to terminate my service given my past experiences with Vodafone have been less than satisfactory! I didn't sign up to deal with Vodafone -- are there any outs here? Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks, Not So Crazy


Dear Lifehacker, I have my mobile phone with Crazy John's and just received notification that my bill is going up by $1.10 to send out a paper invoice. I was a bit miffed at this when Optus did it years ago and was wondering about the legalities of it. I have a small freelance business and like the paper invoicing for my records. Can I send them an invoice for processing for the same amount and get away with it? Thanks, Paperlover


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