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Relationships are hard. Parenting is hard. Combine those two and you're in for some bumps in the road large enough to rival those rutted rainforest paths that break your axle and pop your tires. No two people can agree on everything. Not even, or especially not, how to raise a kid to be a functional member of society.


Video: It's not a very sexy thing to talk about, but sex ruts happen. Maybe something awkward happened to put you and your partner off of sex. Maybe you just got too comfortable with not doing it. Whatever the reason, this video (which is mildly NSFW, by the way) tells you how to get out of a rut with the Sensate Method.


It's easy for a conversation to turn into a fight when you're distracted or multitasking. Body language and eye contact are a huge part of communication, and when you're not able to fully use them on the conversation at hand, it can often lead to a fight. Keep this from happening in your relationship with the "eye contact" rule: only have serious discussions when you're both able to make eye contact.