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Studio Ghibli films have been a touchstone in my life for years. They're artistic masterpieces, featuring a stunning attention to detail. The films defy stereotypes -- they feature female protagonists with great depth, male leads with striking vulnerability, and unforgettable background characters.


Did you order a Halloween costume online, only for it to turn up looking somewhat less inspiring than the photo on the website suggested? Or do you just need that little bit extra to push you over the edge in your favourite bar's costume competition? Here's how to make your costume look way better in no time at all.


As a cosplayer, I'm always hearing people complain that they were called a creep, simply for complimenting a cosplayer they liked, or talking to a fellow convention-goer. But regardless of intent, if you're being called creepy it's likely you did something that the other person found creepy.


Cosplay is a pretty intense pursuit these days, with individual crafters making costumes to the same standards as entire Hollywood costume departments. Unsurprisingly, that wasn't always the case. In fact, one notorious costume back in the day was made from nothing more than pantyhose and two tubs of peanut butter - and the stench that resulted caused some heavy soul-searching for the early costuming community.


What could be more intimately a part of you than a work of body art permanently inked into your skin? You probably assume that the tattoo on your body belongs to you. But, in actuality, somebody else might own your tattoo.

Recent lawsuits and events have shown that tattoo artists and companies can have intellectual property rights in tattoos worn by others, including both copyright and trademark rights.


Have you ever wanted to break into the world of cosplay? Or maybe you just want a kickass costume for your next themed party? Even if you've never touched a sewing machine before (let alone power tools or thermoplastics) there's still hope! The first step to getting into cosplay is to remind yourself that everyone has to start somewhere. Eight years ago, I didn't even know how to backstitch on my Elna Elina 40 -- if you're wondering what the hell a 'backstitch' is right now, you're in the right place.


In May of 2014, I wore my first costume to a convention. It was a simple Doctor Krieger from Archer. Stepping into the shoes of a character I liked just seemed like a fun way to spend the weekend. Instead, it turned into an exploration of what it means to be confident.


Cosplay has existed as a hobby for decades now -- with most people having 'cosplayed' in some way or another for costumed events or parties. Now that people have started making money from it, cosplay's legal status has been thrown into question as a practice that leans heavily on using various companies' intellectual property.