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How To Make The Ab Wheel Suck Less

How To Make The Ab Wheel Suck Less

This month in the Lifehacker Fitness Challenge we are taking on the ab wheel, aka ab roller, aka “crap, I fell on my face again.” Last week we did a plank on the wheel, but today we’re going to use it as intended with one small tweak. And friends, I…

Try These Stability Ball Core Exercises

It’s time for a little gratitude. Every time I do one of this week’s core exercises, I am intensely grateful that I am not doing planks. Even when the moves are hard, it’s OK, because at least they aren’t boring.

Planks Still Work Even If You Don’t Hold Them Forever

We’ve told you how to do planks, and why to do planks, and what to do instead of planks when you get bored of planks. But there’s a critical thing about planks we forgot to tell you: You don’t have to hold the position until you collapse.