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It's easy to gripe about condoms, how they're inconvenient or they dull sensitivity, but the reality is they can be much more pleasurable than most people think. Here's your guide to finding the condom that's right for you.


Birth control pill packs typically include a week of placebo pills, without any hormones. If you skip those pills and start the next pack immediately, you can skip your period. Whether you want to do this is up to you -- it may seem weird, but there's no reason to believe it's harmful.


If the condom broke, if you missed a pill, if you were assaulted and you're worried that a baby might result, you may still have time to prevent that pregnancy. You have to act fast (within days), and you have three options: an over-the-counter pill, a prescription pill, or a copper IUD. Any of these, taken in time, have a good chance of preventing pregnancy.


Three and half years ago, I inserted the popular contraceptive Implanon into my arm. But when the side effects outweigh the benefits, it's time to get rid of it. As scary (and boring) as going back to normal contraceptive methods might seem, you might love yourself for it.