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Friends, I have spent this Monday morning in a black hole. I've only just found the gumption to climb myself out. It started with this, an old Australian ad for the Atari 2600 and it got worse and weirder from there.

Please join me on this journey. The journey of the weirdest Australian video game commercials I could find on YouTube.


Whether you're a fan of American football or couldn't care less, the Super Bowl final is always worth a watch if only for the assortment of crazy ads. Each year, the world's biggest brands spend insane amounts of money to debut new commercials in this highly coveted time slot.

You can expect a cavalcade of funny, stupid, raunchy, weird and insanely expensive ads to drop over the next few days on such divergent topics as beer, cars, fast food, video games, computers and everything in-between. We'll be collecting the best ads as they appear online. Watch them all here!