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Screenshot: The Mandalorian/Disney, Fair Use

What’s Coming to Disney+ in October 2020

It has been almost a year since Baby Yoda (not his — her? — real name) first graced our screens at the end of the series premiere of the Disney+ Star Wars spinoff The Mandalorian, and the internet has never been the same. Through a worsening pandemic, economic turmoil, political…

Screenshot: I’m Thinking of Ending Things/Netflix, Fair Use

What’s Coming to Netflix U.S. in September 2020

The dog days of August are ending, and with them the winter streaming doldrums. Netflix is preparing to debut a September slate packed with intriguing new series and original films featuring top-tier talent, and in order to help you sort through the morass — and in recognition of These Times…

It's definitely a good idea to show this movie to your kids. Maybe right before bedtime? (Image: Netflix)

What’s New on U.S. Netflix the Week of July 25, 2020

So every week I’ve been writing these Monday morning posts highlighting what’s new and notable on Netflix in the coming week. It’s a useful process for me personally, because it either reminds me of stuff I’ve been meaning to watch (can’t wait to stream the Michael Jordan docuseries The Last…