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Nobody likes unruly cables covering their walls, but sometimes they're a necessary evil. One clever way to reduce the eyesore is to creatively hide the cables with unique arrangements. Unclutterer Forums member M Poush has provided another design inspiration.


The other day I was picking out a bottle of slightly-overpriced bubbly to take to a friend, when I realised the bottle I had settled on didn't come pre-chilled. Luckily, the store had a wine chiller - a swirling water bath that cooled my Champagne down to serving temp in mere minutes. "I wish I had one of these at home," I thought, not realising that I already did.


Many backpacks come with useful extra features, like hidden pockets, removable pouches, and key loops, but one you might not realise can actually be put to use if the diamond patch that some backpacks have on their front. Here's what you can use it for.


Putting common office supplies to new and interesting uses is definitely old-school life hacking, and one of the most versatile items you can use are zip ties. Here are ten things you can do with cable ties when you're feeling like a cubicle MacGyver.


Cake is the happiest of foods, which is why a dry, crumbly cake is so sad. This problem can be solved one of two ways: You can eat the entire cake in one day (this isn't a terrible plan), or you can peel an apple.